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Tips for painting an office

There are unique challenges faced by those who need an office painted. Scheduling painting while concern for the comfort of customers is a tricky thing. Here at Century Painting we have worked with many offices where they see clients most days and we wanted to share some of what we know with those who are interested in updating their office while disrupting customers and staff as little as possible.


Business hours

The biggest issue with any kind of remodeling is needing the work done during regular business hours. Many painting companies, like most offices operate with in the same hours. Obviously paintings and trying to see customers at the same time is not an idea situation. At Century Painting we are willing to work with you to find a solution so the painting can be done with out disrupting your business hours or your customers.


Paint Odor

Another common issue with painting is the paint smell. Unlike that new car smell, many find a fresh paint smell unpleasant and possibly irritating. Even if the painting can be done when customers aren’t in the building the lingering smell can still make the customer experience uncomfortable. The last thing a business wants in an uncomfortable environment for customers or staff. However you don’t have to have the fresh paint smell when you have a freshly painted office. In recent years paint manufactures have been coming out with low or zero VOC paint. Why does this matter? The short answer is that the VOCs in paint are what cause that strong paint smell, that many dislike. Taking out the VOC or Volatile Organic Compound makes the paint virtually odorless. Making the painting and drying process easier for all.



There are many paint options out there to choose from.  Between colors and sheens the choices can be overwhelming. Not knowing what will work best for an office is quite the challenge. Depending on the type of office there may be other dynamics that create specific issues that may need to be addressed. One thing we recommend to combat this issue is using high sheen paint. High sheen paints are good for a few different reasons. High sheen paint dries harder giving the surface a tougher resistant to problems. Offices face more damaging variables then an average home with people in and out all, day almost every day. So the higher durability in higher sheen paint is imperative. Lastly but also most importantly higher sheen paint is easier to clean which is a very important trait when wanting to keep your freshly painted walls looking clean and professional.


Century Painting has done painting for a wide variety of offices. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time for an estimator to give you free estimate, please give us a call or you can fill out an estimate request form on our website.


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