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When is it time to repaint or stain your deck?

A lot of the tips you use when painting your house also apply to painting your deck. We will cover a few signs here to give you a general guide that can help you decide when its time to update your deck.



Keep an eye on the weather when deciding its time to paint or stain. Obviously winter with snow on the ground isn’t the best time to start. High Humidity isn’t a good time either; if you stain your deck when the humidity is high the drying time will be longer. If it’s too hot out, the stain will dry too quickly, leaving lap marks. If it’s windy, dust and debris might get blown into the stain. The best time to stain is between 50-90 degrees. Many manufactures have specific temperature requirements for applying their product. Your Century Painting Estimator will only schedule your project when conditions are right, so you get the best results.


Time for a change

Sometimes you are just ready for a change, maybe the color doesn’t match the house anymore, or it looks out dated and old. Perhaps you just plain don’t like it. Whatever reason we can help. Just like in painting homes, color matters for our decks too. There are many options and variations to choose from. The possibilities out there can vary depending on if you want a more natural look or want a more covered, painted look, if you’re choosing between darker colors to add warmth and depth or lighter for a fresh open look. Our Century Painting estimators are excellent resources to help go over all the options available to you.


Age and exposure

Here in the Prescott area, we experience all of the seasons. As beautiful as it is, our decks experience all of the harshness of the elements. Rain and snow sitting on our decks in the winter and the heat beating down in the summer, in addition to the weather, our decks have people and pets walking and playing on them. The older a deck the higher likelihood of it having marks, spills, spots, and stains. This is another good indicator that a deck needs to be renewed.


Newer, Durable Products

In recent years new products have come on the market. These products offer a high-performance low maintenance, long lasting alternative to the endless cycle of repairing and repainting decks or concrete floors. They are especially effective on worn decking. It is 4 times thicker than ordinary paint or stain. Fills hairline cracks, prevents splinters and hided imperfections. One thing to keep in mind, it is a thick granulated material, which provides a non-slip walking surface. It is durable and easy to clean up.  Ask your paint estimator if this is a viable option for your decks or concrete patios.


These are just a few general tips, for more in depth information about your deck or you decide your deck could use a new look, give us a call and we will schedule your free estimate today!



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