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Don't Gamble on Housepaint: Invest in the Best

  June 10, 2015 Since your home is likely your biggest investment, would you even dream of gambling it away?  Probably not, but you are rolling the dice if you apply a... read more

Should you paint before or after you move in?

Are you moving or considering moving? Many people want to get settled in before considering any home improvement project, while others want everything done before the first of the furniture... read more

Tips for painting an office

There are unique challenges faced by those who need an office painted. Scheduling painting while concern for the comfort of customers is a tricky thing. Here at Century Painting we... read more

Should you stain or paint your deck?

Last week we gave a few signs that it was time to redo your deck. This week we are going to go over the decision to paint or to stain. In... read more

When is it time to repaint or stain your deck?

A lot of the tips you use when painting your house also apply to painting your deck. We will cover a few signs here to give you a general guide... read more

Century Painting FAQ

This past Wednesday Century Painting had an open house so we could meet some of the wonderful people of our community, and for you to get to know us. Since... read more

All paints aren't created equal

There are many things that need to be factored in when choosing paint for your project. We will consider a few here but to best address your specific needs we... read more

Choosing the Right Painter

When looking to improve our homes we want it done well and we want it done right, the first time. This becomes harder when it’s a project that requires a... read more

Winter! A Time to Reflect on our Indoor Space

Because of the cold weather this time of year we spend a lot of time indoors. While we may enjoy our extra time in our homes, this also leads us... read more
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Painting With a Pet

I bet you figured we were going to talk about letting your pet help you paint. Ha!  I am sure some of our pets would love to help us paint.... read more

How often does the Exterior of your House need Painting?

The best time to paint the exterior of your house in the Prescott Area is typically spring, summer and fall. Now that spring is coming up, some may be asking,... read more

The Power of Color in Your Home or Office

The colors of the rooms within your home need to bring out your personality. While most of us may not spend a lot of time thinking about room color, it... read more
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