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Professional Painting

Exterior Painting

Prep and repaint the exterior of your home to PROTECT and BEAUTIFY it.

Interior Painting

Change the whole feel of your interior with new colors or just FRESHEN UP an aging
paint job.

Cabinet Refinishing

Completely transform your kitchen with an UPDATED look for your cabinets.

Exterior Painting


Re-painting the exterior of your home is necessary to protect it from the harsh elements here in the high desert. We face the unique challenge of intense UV rays that wreak havoc on everything they touch, not to mention our freeze-thaw cycle, snow, wind, and rain. With thorough prepping techniques and high-quality paints, we can help you protect and beautify your number one investment!
A few keys to a long-lasting paint job on your stucco are a great wash, filling all the cracks with a filler that stretches, back-rolling the paint to ensure complete coverage, and 2 HEAVY COATS!
Depending on which type of siding you have, it too presents unique challenges. Although most siding does a great job of holding paint, it moves, cracks, and fades over time. Ensuring your siding is clean, tight, and well-caulked is key. Follow it up with 2 HEAVY COATS of Ultra-Premium paint with a high sheen ensures many years of a beautiful and protected home.
Decks at our elevation are usually in poor condition due to our UV exposure, snow, ice, rain, and of course foot traffic. Depending on how and where they are situated, it’s likely you’re needing to refinish them 3 or 4 times as often as the rest of your house. That’s why you want thorough prep, and the best stains and paints to give your deck the longest life possible.
As with the rest, great prep is the key to a beautiful long-lasting finish. Clean and rust-free is our goal with the prep. Then it’s on to a good primer as needed and finished with 2 COATS of an Ultra-Premium paint appropriate for metal railing.

Interior Painting

Painting the interior of your home is a completely different game than the exterior. Many more factors come into play while deciding how to approach the job. Are we painting one wall, one room, walls only, ceilings only, doors and trim, closets, the whole house?! Is the house empty or occupied? Pets? We have solutions to every possible situation!
Prep and technique are key to ensuring an exceptional finish on your walls and ceilings. Repairing cracks, filling holes, and clean lines are all on the agenda. Protecting floors, furniture, appliances, and counters, ensures a clean finish.
Usually finished in a higher sheen and something you likely see and touch all the time makes the approach to the woodwork extra special. Cleaning, filling, and sanding are all musts in prepping for proper adhesion and a beautiful finish. Application techniques vary from spray, brush, roll, or a combination of all three throughout your home. We ensure a durable and beautiful finish.

Cabinet Refinishing

Breathe new life into your kitchen with a cabinet makeover! Replacing or re-facing cabinets can cost tens of thousands of your hard-earned dollars. Let us update your kitchen at a fraction of the cost. When it comes to refinishing your cabinets, we’re not in a rush. We cannot skip steps or hurry the process, it all matters in the end.
It starts with the prep. We remove doors, drawers, and hardware. Protecting all areas not being refinished like the floors, appliances, counters, and more. Years of grease, hand oils, and other foreign substances need to be washed off. Scuffing to remove the previous gloss is also a necessary step. Depending on the finished look we’re going for there’s filling to be done, priming, etc. All this and more to ensure proper adhesion and a beautiful finish.

Using only the highest quality finishes is necessary for a long-lasting and beautiful job. Imagine all the hours of tedious prep work to then fail on the application! We use state-of-the-art application methods, machines, and tools that help us achieve the best results possible.

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